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YA Author Jessa Russo

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EVADE, book two in the EVER Trilogy

In this thrilling sequel, Ever Van Ruysdael's race to beat the odds—and the clock—begins with the introduction of an integral part of her past. As secrets are revealed, and truths uncovered, she learns her imminent death is the least of her problems: Ariadne did more than just put an expiration date on her life; she marked Ever's soul by upping its value for greedy collectors looking to buy their freedom.

Condemned by the countdown on her life, and hunted by hired Seekers, Ever’s journey leads her to question everything she’s known and everyone she’s trusted, while growing closer to the one person from her past she was determined to avoid—and the one guy she never could—Toby James.

With her ex-boyfriend by her side, and the countdown clock rapidly ticking away, Ever tries thwarting fate’s plans. But as her nineteenth birthday approaches, and desperate Seekers follow her every move, she may be too late.

A marked soul is hard to come by … and even harder to escape.

Welcome to my agency-mate YA author Jessa Russo,
who is guest posting today on my blog!

“Write now, Edit Later”
by Jessa Russo

I’ve completed a total of four books since I began writing in 2009—two young adult paranormal romances (EVER and EVADE), one upper young adult fantasy fairytale redux (DIVIDE), and most recently, an edgy new adult contemporary romance (ARK OF DREAMS). I’d like to say I have this amazing plot process or some ritual or habit I can pass along to others, some wisdom to impart, but I’m afraid I don’t.

What I have learned is this very key bit of information that I know you’ve seen or heard before, but if you’re like me, you disregarded it.

Write now, edit later.

Simple, right?

But wow, when I wrote EVER, and the first half of the manuscript I began before I wrote EVER, I would edit as I went along. Like, re-reading each paragraph a million times, then each chapter, then revising a million times, then writing, then reading all I’d written again, then more revising, then I’d print out what I had and read it again, marking up the pages as I went . . . and so on and so forth until my voice had been lost (or maybe I just hadn’t found it yet, I’m still not sure).

When I sat down to write DIVIDE last November (for NaNoWriMo 2012) I realized almost immediately that I didn’t have time for all that nonsense. I had to write, write, write, and pick up where I left off every time I returned to the manuscript. Because, regardless of the few magical people who find Nano easy peasy (I’m friends with some of these people, and I love/hate them—lol), I’m not someone who can write 50k in a month with ease. It takes a lot of focus and ridiculously strict time management.

Which, if you know me very well at all, you know I lack both, but especially the latter. *grin*

So I sat down last November 1st and began DIVIDE. And then, on November 2nd, I sat down again and didn’t read what I’d written the day before, but just began writing again. This continued throughout the entire month; I wrote and I wrote and I wrote, and I hoped for the best. Although I didn’t technically “win” NaNoWriMo, I ended November with over 40K words in DIVIDE—a manuscript I adored and couldn’t believe I’d had a story flow from me with such strength, and almost . . . ease.

I’d gotten out of my own way.

That manuscript went on to get me an agent, so NaNoWriMo “win” or not, I feel like writing DIVIDE without stopping to edit, and focusing instead on letting the words flow without hindering them, or standing between myself and the story, was the winningest thing I’ve done in my career thus far.

So, I must stress that the saying is right. Whether you plot or pants (I’m a true blue panster with no intention of ever converting), just let the words flow.

Write now, edit later.

Or, as I like to say (it’s tattooed on my forearm): just write.


A HUGE thank you to Jessa for stopping by! 
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Jessa Russo's Bio: An unashamed super fan of all things paranormal romance, Jessa Russo reads, writes and breathes paranormal YA, rarely straying from her comfort zone. When not writing or reading--or raising the coolest kid ever--Jessa enjoys making memories with her amazingly supportive family and friends, while secretly planning her next trip to New Orleans. She will always call Southern California home, where she lives with her husband and daughter, and a Great Dane who thinks he's the same size as his cranky sister, the Chihuahua.


  1. Absolutely! As I told my son yesterday, you can't fix what isn't written. Go you! And winning NaNo is all about writing and word counts are just there for a goal.

  2. Wonderful! Congrats on getting an agent and the new process. :) Getting all the thoughts out and fixing later is a great way to go. :)

    Thank you!


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